Saturday, April 25, 2015

My Favorite Mystery Authors and/or series

First of all, welcome to my new blog and thanks for checking it out! I thought I'd start off the first post by sharing a few of my favorite mystery authors and the series they write. Most of these are cozies, because that's my favorite sub-genre. I personally am a big fan of series and much prefer them to standalone books. This is mainly because once I have found characters, settings, etc. that I really like, I don't want to have to say goodbye after just one book. It's especially nice when a series already has 10+ books out by the time I start reading it and I can read a bunch in a row to catch up. Anyway here are some of my faves (in no particular order, btw). Obviously, this is just a VERY SMALL PORTION of the mystery authors that I love! If I tried to list all my favorites, this would be a 500 page post! These just happen to be the top 5 that I recently read or are freshest in my mind for whatever reason:

1. Sheila Connolly - The Orchard Mysteries and the Museum Mysteries

I started off reading the Orchard Mysteries and liked her writing so much I checked for other books by her that the library had (I get 90% of my books from my library's digital collection i.e. eBook library) I was pleased to see that her Museum Mysteries were available as well and I promptly read that series also. I personally like the Museum Mysteries slightly better than the Orchard Mysteries. It could be because I grew up in Philadelphia, which is where the Museum Mysteries take place ;) Regardless, both series and Sheila Connolly are now among my favorites! Her characters feel like friends and the plots are always top notch. I'd love to read her County Cork Mysteries as well, but alas, the library doesn't have them yet.
Details, buy links, etc. for all of her books can be found at

2. Kate Carlisle - The Bibliophile Mysteries

These mysteries feature Brooklyn Wainwright, a bookbinder, and various members of her friends and family. I find it extremely interesting reading about her bookbinding techniques and the antics of her family are usually humorous and heartwarming. The personality of all the characters and the description of the town that Brooklyn's parents live in really make these books come alive for me and I have loved every one of them! I'd also love to read her Fixer-Upper Mysteries, but have not yet had the pleasure to do so (and yes, the library doesn't have 'em yet), but they are on my wishlist! One other cool thing I'd like to mention about this author is that her website has something called the "Secret Room" where she lists giveaways, contests, and all sorts of other cool stuff, which is one of the coolest things I've seen on an author's site. Also if you follow her on Facebook, she does a good amount of giveaways there too!
Details, buy links, and all that jazz can be found at and don't forget to check out the secret room ;)

3. Maddy Hunter - The Passport to Peril Mysteries

Maddy Hunter is probably the most recently discovered author in my "favorites" category. It was just a few weeks ago that I read "Alpine for You," the first Passport to Peril Mystery. It is very rare that an author will have me completely hooked basically from the get-go, but this series did it for me. I can't say it was from page 1, but I know it was very early on that I went holy crap, this is totally my kinda book! For one thing, the humor in these books is the exact type of deadpan, sarcastic, literally laugh out loud humor that I love. Emily Andrew, the main character, is always managing to get herself into the most ridiculous situations and you'll find yourself laughing through all of them. Some of the situations seem a bit over the top and not completely realistic, but I think that just adds to the fun! Also, speaking from someone who has been very accident prone since the day I was born, some of the situations that Emily gets into that some may think seem a bit over the top are scenarios that I could very well picture myself getting into. Overall, I just adore this series!
Details and all that other good stuff can be found at

4. Julie Hyzy - The White House Chef Mysteries

This was another series that I got hooked on pretty quickly. For one thing, it's definitely different. Olivia Paras, the main character, is a chef at the White House, which is a job title I've never seen before in a sleuth. I find it really interesting to read about all of the regulations etc. that she has to follow and just feeling like I'm getting an inside peek at the goings on of the Secret Service and White House employees. I don't know how accurate any of it is, but it's fun nonetheless. These books are also very fast paced and action packed, from beginning to end. It's very hard to put down once you start reading. The suspense building is great and it's fun to try and figure out whodunnit before Olivia does. This author also has another series, the Manor House Mysteries, which I'd love to read as well! (Grumble grumble, library, grumble, grumble)
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5. Darynda Jones - The Charley Davidson Mysteries

These books are technically in the mystery category (at least that's where I found them) but they could also easily be categorized in multiple other categories, such as paranormal, romance, and humor. To be honest, these books do have a bit more romance than I generally care for, however, the rest of the plots, humor, characters, etc. is more than enough to make up for it and keep me hooked!
Charley Davidson is a grim reaper who uses her gifts to help the deceased get closure so that they can move on and also helps them get messages to their loved ones and sometimes helps solve their murders. There are plenty of paranormal elements in these books, as well as lots of suspense, humor, lovable characters, and so much more! You'll laugh, cry, and everything in between.
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