About me

My name is Cindy, I'm in my early 30's, I live in PA, and am happily married. In 2011, I became permanently disabled. I do work from home freelancing but I still have a good bit of time on my hands. One of the ways I fill that time is reading. For as long as I can remember I've loved reading and specifically I love murder mysteries. Occasionally I'll venture into another genre but I read almost exclusively mysteries. The cozy is my favorite type, but I enjoy many other types as well. Anyway I decided to start this blog so that I can connect with other mystery book fans and authors too! One of my goals is to help Indie authors and lesser known authors gain more recognition, which can be very hard these days. I'd also love to get to know other mystery readers and share opinions on books, favorite authors, etc. I hope you enjoy :)


  1. I am glad you started this blog. I will be checking back regularly to see what you have read. If you would like to be mystery-book pals, you can e-mail me: debprice60@gmail.com

  2. Hi Cindy! I just discovered your blog today. I certainly will pop over here again and hope to see more reviews of my favorite genre...cozy mysteries.
    Sandy in So. Cali

  3. Hi Deb and Sandy! I'm so glad you both are enjoying the blog :) Deb, I'm sorry I just now saw your message!